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I am ready to upgade from 5" up front to 7".My Bullit is 2003 XL, with Mavic Crossmax wheels, Zoke Z1 FR with standard QR dropouts. I want to get a boxxer, and unfortunately need to swap wheels to accommidate the 20mm axle. The thing is, there don't seem to be alot of 20mm front wheels out there, so I need some advice. Any recommendations for a wheelset for my upgrade to? Damn, I hate to lose my Crossmax :(

While I'm at it, how does Maxxis High Roller 2.7 up front and 2.5 in the back sound?


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What year & model crossmax?

If you have crossmax XL's with the round spokes they are 20mm through axle compatible. Even if you do have the XL's you may want to pony up for a stouter wheelset if the intentions of the boxxer upgrade is to start doing heavy duty freeriding or DH. XL's are tough wheels but they have limits. Keep them as lighter/faster second wheel set for trail rides.

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How much do you want to spend on a hub and rim?

For rims, depending on how big you are and how hard you ride, the D321 or D521 (old numbers) are good choices for Bullits.

I'm running D321 on mine and I have D521 on my wife's.

My front hub is a Hayes, hers is a Formula (cheap and work fine).
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