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203 Rotor Adaptor for BB7/Sketor

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I posted in the shock and suspension sub forum but want to post it here as well, just in case seeing as AM thread gets more traffic.

So I read the RS Sektor can use up to 210 rotor. I have a 203 rotor I got a year ago by accident. Lucky me. I now want to use it, but, do not know the right adapter to use on the Sektor 74mm post mount. I Googled my ass off and came up with this from Am I wrong to think that's the right adapter? It just doesn't look right... I don't know.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Yes, that will work fine. 74mm is a standard and post mount mount adapters from Hayes, Shimano, and Magura will work as well. The only area to watch out for is in a 7" rotor, Avid is 185mm and the other 3 above are 180mm.
That adapter works? I still have the two 203 adapters (black extenders, maybe?) from when I ordered my bb7's last year. Are they suppose to work with that adapter in the link? Hmm... Just doesn't look right. :l
Actually, you are most likely right. I was going by the picture from Jenson and they are probably showing a smaller size adapter. Little things always confuse me... :p
yeah, unfourtunatly you cant go the pictures too much. if you really wanna see it google what jenson lists.
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