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2022 Devinci Spartan HP

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I have this bike on order. 183cm / 6ft went with a large. Interested to see what people riding them already think of the bike. Also, want to provide a place for chat regarding issues and or setup. I use mtbr often for research and didn’t see a specific thread for this bike yet.
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I Have order a L, also 183cm.... also will like to see a review..
Here is a video of Steve Vanderhoek riding the new Spartan Hp.
I messaged him on his Instagram to ask why he thought the pinkbike review said it didn’t jump well. He replied saying he felt no downside to the high pivot and that it was still playful, popped around and manualed fine. Check his Instagram there is footage coming out regularly of some pretty insane lines.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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