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2022 Altitude lower headset

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Spotted a 2022 Altitude A50 medium with 29in wheels in the shop today. What's the deal with the lower headset cup? Is this a geometry tweak or were the 2021 models the same?
Same cup fitted to a medium a70 29 and the small a50 27.5.
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21 Altitude has not such a lower headset spacer. Strange!
That might be an angle headset to slacken the headtube angle. The Maiden had a spacer like that to going from 26“ to 27,5“ and vv. I have seen it on EWS Altitude race bikes. Let me dig for a picture.

On Remi's bike (size large in 2020) we were using a reach adjust headset to get him 5mm shorter on the reach. This adds 10mm to the lower headset cup to offset the fork plus or minus depending if you want a longer or shorter reach and also slackens the head tube angle if you do not shorten the fork travel.
Sometimes we us anglesets for head tube angle changes as well. Depends on the race course.
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I know these spacers can be used as a tuning tool but it seems odd that they are fitted to stock bikes. Just rode a large frame A50 and it has the lower headset spacer too. No mention of an angleset from the bike shop and rocky mountain make no mention of it in the bike spec or geo chart, which it must have some effect on. (Slacker HT and ST, shorter reach and higher BB, compared to the 2021 bikes)
Yes, I would assume some effect on geo- possibly only for the alloy models? I could not say for sure as I work for the EWS team.
Interesting that it doesn't have the full downtube protection either.

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