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2021 Shonky issues

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First of all my 2021 and another persons 2022 Shonky didn’t have the proper headset spacers to properly remove the play from the headset. Had to remove a 1/16 and add a 1/8 to get it proper. Both bikes were built from the same shop, kona and the shop are in the wrong.
Second, the cranks on mine are defective. They have about 1/8 inch of play on the spindle, they shop said they are defective but since I bought my bike second hand fron so one who had it for a month, Kona won’t stand behind their product. One year warranty but won’t stand behind their product for the second owner. Talk about absolutely pathetic.
Last thing, trying to figure out the front fork. Measuring it seems to show 130mm of travel and not 100mm , ive seen a few people also mention this but never resolved. Seems like it’s doesn’t handle very smart, and this could be the reason. I’m about to contact Manitou and get into from the horses mouth.
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