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When did you get here?!?!
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Hey Everybody!

This is the official buy/sell forum for the 2021 Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race (PMBAR).

If you want to race the '21 event but don't have an entry, post here.

If you have an entry to the '21 event but want to sell your spot, post here.

SELLERS: Look for the new 2021 PMBAR entry confirmation email. The buyers will need both the confirmation number AND the QR code. Forward them that email. Tell them to print it, too.

BUYERS: You will need both the confirmation number AND the QR code at registration as proof of purchase. When you receive it from the seller make sure you have both a copy on your phone AND a PAPER copy. Seriously. Print that email.

MONEY: When buyers and sellers match up, you guys take care of the fees between yourselves.

EMAILS: Sellers: I don't have the buyer's email address. Please forward any pertinent emails to your buyer. They are doing you a favor. Return the favor by keeping them up to date, please. Buyers: Watch for updates and hope your seller sends you anything else.

Thank you nc/sc forum for still being here after all these years as a place to talk about mountain biking in North and South Carolina.

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Thanks, Eric

I have a PMBAR team spot to sell. Unfortunately, my partner and I are unable to participate in the rescheduled event. If anyone is interested, DM me. I hope its a great and challenging race for all who choose to participate.

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