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2021 fuel ex 9.8 xt or YT Izzo Blaze

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Hi All,

I've an YT Izzo Blaze on order that should ship this week. A couple of days ago a LBS made me an offer on a new 2021/2022 fuel ex 9.8 xt. It's only €500 more than the YT and you do get a better specced bike (carbon wheels, handlebar) and a more premium frame (storage and paint quality) also i do like shimano xt better than SRAM GX. For me suspension is comparable (fox 36 vs pike ultimate).
So I'm a little bit in doubt what to do, cancel the YT in get the trek or save the €500 and get the YT (and put the € in better wheels). I've asked the same question in the YT forum but not many have a comparison with the trek.
Does anyone has experience with both bikes (or an opinion on either bike).
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You will probable fall in love with either bike, and also find the short comings of which ever you choose. I have the '21 Fuel 9.8xt, and it's a beast. It actually climbs well, but coming downhill, it handles almost like an enduro. Only upgrades I will do are converting the fork to 150mm travel and add the grip 2 damper over the winter. Maybe next year a rear shock upgrade
The trek. Extremely high quality bike w great customer support and lbs support. Worth the 500. Plus the Fuel ex is a great platform.
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Trek, especially if you are a fan of the shop that carries it.

I wouldn't dilly dally too long in today's market!
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I didn't... Going to pick up the trek this Thursday :)
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Here is Enduro-mtb magazine 22 trail bikes shoot out.
The Trek Fuel ex 9.8 (GX) and the YT Izzo Blaze are both on the chart, click on the link to read the full review of each bike. Looks like the Trek outperforms the YT almost in every aspect (agility, stability, suspension, handling and fun factor), plus - the Trek won the recommended bike for long days in the saddle.
Go, get the Trek! I did that last May (2021 MY, GX) and couldn't be happier with my choice.
Never tried the YT, but the Trek does everything SO well.
It's the perfect do it all bike. After two desert rides in the last two weeks, I'm in love with this bike...:love:

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