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2021 Fox Transfer Seat Clamp Problem

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So I just installed the 2021 Fox Transfer a few days ago and I noticed an issue with the seat clamp. The new design is easier to access and set up, however there seems to be a limitation on the tilt of the saddle. I have the forward bolt as tight as it can go, so the forward part of the clamp top is touching the lower part of the clamp. This effectively limits the tilt of the saddle. I have taken to a slight nose down saddle position lately and I can't set it up that way with this new dropper. The actual seat tube angle is partly what is causing this, but that's not an excuse. I have attached a photo of my Evil Offering for reference. Unless I am screwing something up with this, Fox needs to redesign the clamp and send everyone who has bought one a new one. I haven't experienced so much taint smashing for a long time.


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New vs old

They also lowered recommended torque by 10 inch lbs

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Good to know, because I was sure for 200 mm one, since it came out later than 100-175 mm, but not so sure for the rest.
Want to switch from my Rockshox Reverb 125 mm (came with my 2016 bike) to a 2021 Transfer 150 mm.
i have a 2021 150mm transfer kashima with a failed upper clamp that i haven't warrantied/replaced yet that is for sale, lmk if you'd like to buy it & handle the warranty yourself. $150 not including cable/lever which i reused. can send pics if you want. 415.225.3494 m
I have exactly the same problem With my upper clamp ..a crack after 2 weeks With a 2021 cube and factory fox transfert ...
Did you find a solution?
I have exactly the same problem With my upper clamp ..a crack after 2 weeks With a 2021 cube and factory fox transfert ...
Did you find a solution?
call fox racing USA customer service, they will give you an email address to which to send your seatpost serial # & they will mail you the revised part within a few days. Contact Fox | Official Site of Fox Racing US
Marc is from Belgium, so he probably wants to ask Fox Europe instead. I personaly would reach out to the bike shop where I bought the bike and ask them to warranty the clamp for me. You might be lucky by asking FOX Europe directly, however I guess with a complete bike you might first want to ask the seller of the bike how to proceed.
If you want a speedy turnaround, the easier solution might be to just buy a new clamp. They are turning up in EU shops, here's an example:
Tanks guys for your answer...did you think that fox made a New clamp more solid ?
I had the old disign clamp so i still have hope .to do not break an other clamp .
Has there been any problems in with the new clamp yet?
Close to 2mts on my Fox Transfer, no issues with the new clamp. I think they changed the torque from 8Nm to 5.1Nm.
Fox needs to redesign the upper seat rail clamp so 1) it can be angled properly on all bikes, and 2) so that the front bolt hole/slot doesn't crack. I think the the cracking is happening because the front bolt head slips forward slightly and stresses the tip of that bolt hole/slot, depending on seat and seat tube angles.

Dear Fox Suspension - please make available soon a replacement upper seat rail clamp for the 2021 Fox Transfer seatpost. This is a relatively easy problem to solve without recalling anything.

I guess I would be the third guy now to report a cracked upper seat rail clamp in this forum? (Sorry I cross-posted, but others and Fox need to know about this.
2021 Fox Performance Elite Transfer Dropper Issue)
Make that 4... same issue here
Acabo de tener el mismo problema con mi Fox Transfer 2021

que decepcionante
que esto pase con Fox
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bent really well, that part is really embarrassing for Fox. Especially since you can hurt yourself, like me.
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Same issue on my '21 175mm. Gave up on finding replacement parts and went with a 200mm PNW. I miss the smoothness of Fox but replacement parts, serviceability, and clamp design take the win for PNW. Glad to know Fox has revised this part! I could never get my seat aimed down enough.
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Has anyone else had the clamps or similar creak?
I’ve installed my fox 200mm 2021 on my new frame and it’s creaking like mad from the saddle, it’s definitely the clamping area as i can produce it just simply pushing and pulling at the saddle (I’ve tried 2 different Saddles to make sure)

it’s really annoying If undo the saddle bolts the. Tighten them up mid ride it goes for a bit then comes back, I’ve used normal grease to grease the hell out of allbolts and interfaces but still it comes back
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