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2021 dropper durability roll call

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What dropper post(s) are you running? How much use has it seen? How is it holding up?

oneup v2, 2019, ~2000 miles/ 250 hours, running perfectly with monthly (or more frequent stanchion cleaning (shock oil applied to stanchion and cycled to suck out grime) and annual bushing service/ psi check. Flawless performance

tranzx, 2020, ~400 miles/ 50 hours, same service as above and perfect performance to date

i have had durability issues with another brand. 3 seatposts in 4 months all have had issues pop up. Don’t want to flame them, customer service has been excellent… Hence my interest. plus this could be informative for our future purchases.
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External routed PNW dropper from 2019. Lots of use, have never serviced it, and it still runs perfectly smooth. Would highly recommend!
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Two PNWs, one Cascade (ext routing) and one Rainier (internal). Both faultless for a couple years and I don't know how many janky off-road miles and several crashes.

One Reverb from 2018, by the end of last year I gave away that temperamental piece of crap. Hydraulics belong in brakes and forks, not seat posts.
It hit me me recently how my 2014 Thomson is still fine after other popular models became junk or repeat f*ckry. So far a much less expensive OneUp is getting to end of 2nd season just fine.
FInally replaced the Transfer on my bike. I got it used in 2018 I think. Leaked a small amount of fluid a while back, but still worked fine. Kept slipping down in my seat tube with a shim which was annoying, but the final straw was stripping the set screw on the lever.

Picked up a PNW Loam with matching lever last week, in the correct diameter (34.9).
Transfer post for 2 years. From day 1 it is random interm of extending fully or 1” short.

PNW external for other bike. Sagged from second month of use. Warranty with excellent customer service. New post doesn’t sag anymore.

so impressed with PNW that I recently replaced the Fox Transfer with PNW internal post. Lever feel is stiff. Otherwise is been great. Much cheaper too.
Just sold my 2016-ish 9point8 dropper with my old Nomad. THOUSANDS of KM, and worked like new still. Needed an annual rebuild when it would start getting sticky and wouldn't hold air, but the only consumable parts were the top seals. I'd buy it again if it wasn't so expensive. Switched to a Oneup V2 which has about 3000 km on it, and hasn't needed anything but a quick clean up and greasing under the seal.
I guess droppers are pretty good now?
Bontrager Line Elite Dropper Seatpost... Bought this thing used on ebay almost 2 years ago, and it is working solid!! I have never serviced it, and have put about 3000 miles on it.
2021 Fox Transfer. No clue how many miles but a ton of riding this year. Don't have anything to compare but I love it.
Specialized Command Post IRcc that came on my stumpy is hot garbage. But everyone probably already knew that.

Been able to rebuild and revive it a few times, but I'm getting a PNW post.
2020 PNW Loam... Not sure of the miles but probably over 500 of mostly techy trails. Lots of usage when I ride. Not a single issue yet. Replaced a 2016 Rockshox Reverb that required too much attention to keep it going. Constant sagging and also slow actuation during cold weather due to the hydraulically actuated remote lever. That part worked great in the summer though. Sagging was somewhat constant.
2018 BikeYoke 185mm — used a TON and never serviced. Works perfectly, still tops out with a loud “thwack” every time. Hard to believe how much abuse this dropper has absorbed and how good it still performs.

3 OneUp Components V2s — various ages. Very good droppers for the money, mine have required occasional lubing but it’s sooo easy to do. Since these are ~half the price of the BikeYoke, they’ve become my go to dropper.
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Bikeyolk Revive. Never done anything to it in 3 years and about 4700 miles. It just works.

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My Specialized Command Post IRCC has been flawless. I have cleaned it regularly and followed the instructions of not adding more than 20 psi air pressure. I have had it for 3 years and have about 2000 miles on it.
I had a KS LEV DX external from 2014ish. I used it for years and years and it felt like crap from the beginning. The seat clamp was a creaky mess, the plastic external cable interface cracked and broke, it was crazy wobbly and only got worse. That said, it never failed, always worked despite 0 rebuilds. Not sure if I rate it 1/5 or 5/5.
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First Fox Transfer needed service about every 1200 miles.
Replaced it with a BikeYoke Revive. No troubles since.

Second Fox Transfer needed service at 700 miles.
Replaced it with another BikeYoke Revive.

I'm a huge fan of the BikeYoke because you can adjust the pressure using your shock pump, without even removing the seatpost. The noteworthy feature, of course, is that you can bleed any air out of the oil in about ten seconds. And the whole thing can be rebuilt by the user. I haven't needed to rebuild any of mine, but it's nice to know that I could, if it was ever needed. With Fox, it would need to be sent in, and their turn-around time is over a month.
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My OneUp V1 worked fine for a couple years but now I have to wipe it and put WPL Forkboost on it after almost every ride, otherwise it doesn't come up completely. Even after taking it apart and lubing correctly it still does this. Apart from that it slides very slowly into my frame, it's like the metal has worn down.
2019 OneUp v2 - approx 2500km (basic service annually)
2021 Fox Transfer - approx 1400km (on first season, no service yet other than packed more Sram butter)
2018 Giant Contact SL - approx 800km (basic annual service)
Hesitate to even write this...

Brand X ascend dropper purchased in 2017 for about $120
Ridden 4,700 miles and about 700,000 vertical feet of singletrack, still going strong!
Hesitate to even write this...

Brand X ascend dropper purchased in 2017 for about $120
Ridden 4,700 miles and about 700,000 vertical feet of singletrack, still going strong!
Pretty sure I have this post (branded as a Syncros Duncan) on my new bike - good to hear.
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