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Im in the market for my first mountain bike. I have a background in riding dirt bikes. I have decided on getting a 2020 Stumpjumper ST as my first bike! I am just torn between getting it is 27.5 or 29. I am 5'8" and going to be getting a medium frame. So I'm not a tall guy if that makes a difference.

I want a bike that I can rip down the trails on and whip around on jumps and roots. Im not looking to race or anything. But I like to go fast and catch air off things like rocks and roots. I rode both of them around the bike shop on pavement and they felt different to me. The 29 felt like it had softer suspension than the 27.5 despite being set to the same pressure. Is this due to an elongated frame to accommodate the bigger wheels? The 29 felt better to me just on a quick test ride but this was due to me liking the softer feeling suspension. I don't think that softer suspension would translate to a better trail riding experience for the type of riding I am looking for though? Thats why I am thinking the 27.5 may be a better choice. Like I said I am inexperienced here. And also the 29er I test rode was a 2019 so maybe they have different suspension.

Will I be able to have more "fun" on a 27.5? Why does it seem like everyone is into the 29er wheels? Would it be a bad idea to buy a new bike in 2019-2020 in a 27.5?

Just really on the fence about which bike would be "best" for me. Since I am inexperienced with mountain bikes I don't know what exactly to look for to find the best fit. They both feel very nice to me just riding them around the block but I know that is a poor test. And demoing bikes is not really an option for me as I barely can afford this bike as it is. :cool:
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