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Hello All:

I'm tinkering with the idea of ordering a replacement wheelset for my 2020 Scalpel SI. I currently run the OEM Stans Crest S1 that came with the bike. I have Light Bicycle carbon wheels on my road bike and was thinking of ordering a set from Light Bicycle for my Scalpel. The Cannondale owner's manual states that the frame will handle 2.3inch tires maximum. Should I order rims with an internwal width of 25mm or 27mm. These are the IW of the two rims that have caught my eye (AM727 & XC725).

Since the 2020 Scalpel has a non-boost rear axle, at least from Light Bicycle, I only have options of I9 Hydra for hubs. I9 is also one of the few that makes a hub for a Lefty hub. Does anyone know if the I9 Lefty 2.0 hub will work with my Lefty Ocho fork?

Thanks for any input,
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