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On Saturday April 20th, the 4th annual Big River Ultra-marathon will be held starting at 7AM in the east Big River parking area. The 32+ mile race will take in much of the State parks as well as many of the JDSF trails. The route will start at the east Big River gate and head to the Woodlands. From there the runners will climb, Big Tree, Steam Donkey to Jeep trail and down. Crossing the North fork of Big River to head up Manley Gulch. At Rd 408 the runners will head to Sweet Pea, Rd 640 to Rd 600 and up Purple Skirt. They will then head through the RG SP horse camp to east Tr and then to the Waterfall trail. Runners will head down Russian Gulch's Fern Canyon to the coast then out onto the RG Headlands Tr. to Mendocino Headlands and finish at Big River.

Please be advised as there will be 170 racers running these trails most of the day.

Map of race course:

Blue Yellow Colorfulness Line Ecoregion
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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