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I have had a set of these since new, and the rear has a tendency to make spoke noises under heavy load (like steep climbs etc). Didn't use to be much of a problem, but now it's becoming really frequent, and up to the point that today they started 30 mins into the ride, and made the noise no matter how soft I was pedalling. Could even reproduce by just sitting down on the seat.

The reason I believe it's the spokes, is that the noise sounds exactly like the spokes rubbing, as you can do by hand. Kinda twangy. I tried lubing the spokes where they enter the hub with spray oil (WD40-type), and this cured it. Would last for a while, but needed redoing after every wash. It was always more apparent in dry and hot conditions. So after a deep clean the other day, I though using grease would be a good idea, maybe it would last longer. As said, this lasted for about 30 mins.

This set has never been serviced, as they've been faultless for both enduro riding and general XC, and have taken a lot of beating since I bought them, and still run true. The noise isn't there when I run my backup wheels.

Might this just be a case of them needing to be re-tensioned? Anyone else experienced this?
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