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I picked up a '19 R3 a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd share some of my findings.

When the box arrived, I was surprised to see 'Made in Taiwan' on it, and when I got the bike out sure enough it had the same label on the bottom bracket. I'm guessing this is to get around any tariffs and may account for some of the price increase, but its a definite plus in my opinion. The build quality and attention to detail supports this, as it was more dialed in out of the box than my '17 sync'r which was made in China. The only change I needed to make was to shorten the rear brake hose and dropper cable a bit.

The rear axle is a DT Swiss, and everything I took apart was greased well, including the headset, and there were no chips in there. I took apart the linkage before riding, and all the bolts came out fairly easy. I did find that the pivot bolts would not push through the two frame mount bearings easily by hand when I test fit them before final assembly. One would go in with some force by hand, and the other needed a light tap with a hammer. This didn't seem to effect the movement of the linkage though. Regardless, I pulled the bearings out to take a look, and found a sizable burr at the bottom of the bore, along with some paint in the bore. So I removed the burrs and cleaned out the paint, then reinstalled the bearings. After doing this, both bolts pushed through by hand easily. Also the bearings are Enduro brand 6902/6903 LLU Max, and the pivot bolts have a generous chamfer after the threads. Tubeless setup was super easy and the supplied valve stems sealed even without sealant.

The bike rips, I'm definitely happy with it, especially considering I got it for around the same price as the '17's on sale used to go for. I think the build is comparable to the '17 now, with the XT brakes/drivetrain, and DPX2 shock. Not crazy about the color though, but its growing on me.


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