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Had the wonderful opportunity to demo a 2019 Orbea Rallon. Man it is one sick bike! Was my first modern bike experience and even though I always knew to expect that these new bikes were amazing I was still blown away. Thank you again Kelli and Marion the west coast reps for Orbea for being the most awesome people. You guys were a great hang and the bike was amazeballs!
If you haven't yet tried a new Orbea, I highly recommend going to an Orbea demo. Most demo bikes are usually beat to **** but Kelli and Marion keep these in top shape. It felt like one of those dentist bikes we look for on sale on craigslist! Feels brand new with only a few pedals around the parking lot.
Sorry for the long ass video but really it's a video of me thinking out loud and my reactions when riding the bike... cheers!

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