Jerome Clementz on the Habit changing direction with full body english​

Re-engineered and re-imagined with modern geometry, updated spec, and new suspension technology, the Cannondale Habit promises to maximize the fun factor on more trails, for more riders.

The new Cannondale Habit supports a slack and shreddable geometry, 130mm of suspension travel, and 29" wheels as well as the obligatory "flip-chip" to convert to 27.5+" wheels if so desired. The Habit lineup is equipped with grippy tires, correctly wide bars, powerful brakes, and a tall dropper post.

The new Cannondale Habit rocks a slack and shreddable geometry, 130mm of suspension travel, and 29" wheels as well as the obligatory "flip-chip" to convert to 27.5+" wheels if so desired.​

The heart of the new Habit's trail performance is an all-new suspension philosophy called Proportional Response. Cannondale's new Proportional Response suspension design approach grew out of the brand's research into how a rider's center of gravity influences suspension performance. "All other bikes use the same pivot locations across their size ranges because it's easier to design," commented Luis Arraiz, Cannondale frame design engineer. "One-size-fits-all is not the optimal approach for suspension.

A rider's center of gravity has a big impact on how the suspension reacts to inputs like braking and pedaling. With Proportional Response, rather than simply changing the stack and reach dimensions of the frames, we've custom tailored the suspension pivot locations for each size bike and rider, so no one is left behind. They all get the perfect ride." The all-new Habit hopes to be the mountain bike for mountain bikers everywhere.

And it indeed makes sense as the proportion and balance of most other frames varies drastically as the chainstay is always the same (say 430mm) while the reach can vary wildly from size XS to XXL.

The maxed out Cannondale Carbon 1 has all the bells and whistles to make trail riders happy.​

The all-new Habit will also have Cannondale's Tube-in-Tube cable routing and AI (Asymmetric Integration) that allows the Cannondale Habit to achieve super-short 435mm chainstays.

For those interested- The Bad Habit comes in both carbon and alloy models with 140mm of suspension travel in the front and 130mm of suspension travel in the rear.

Jerome getting after it with the new Habit​

The Cannondale Habit will be available in Carbon, Carbon/alloy blended, and alloy models for both men and women.

Available in sizes ranging from XS-XL.


Pricing ranges from $7,900.00 for the Habit Carbon 1 to $2,100.00 for the Habit Alloy 3. Yes, Cannondale makes this bike very reachable to a huge range of buyers, all the way down to $2100. We also like that the top dog bike is $7900 and not in the stratospheric $10k+ arena.

29 M Habit Crb 1 $7,900.00
29 M Habit Crb 2 $5,250.00
29 M Habit Crb 3 $4,000.00
29 M Habit Al 4 $4,000.00
29 M Habit Al 5 $3,150.00
29 M Habit Al 6 $2,625.00
27.5/29 F Habit Crb 1 $4,000.00
27.5/29 F Habit Al 2 $2,625.00
27.5/29 F Habit Al 3 $2,100.00

It can climb and be nimble as well.​

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