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Both of these bikes have been listed on my local Facebook Marketplace for around $3000 and the listing have been there for a few days. I'm wondering which you think is a better deal for general trail riding.

The Habit is listed as a "2" but I think it's really a "3". It has 140/130 travel, with a Marzocchi Z1 fork and Ohlins TTX shock. Carbon frame, SRAM NX/GX 12-speed drivetrain, XT brakes. Looks like it is in good condition from the photos, but with the spec deviating a lot from stock, makes me think it's been ridden a bit and upgraded or just built up from a frame.

The Trance looks like it hasn't been ridden much. New grips are the only deviation I see from the original specs - even the tires are original and don't show much wear. Fox Rhythm 36 fork and DPS Performance shock for 150/135 travel. Shimano SLX 12-speed all over.

Which would you buy? Does the upgraded shock and carbon frame make the Habit the better value, or is a "like new" bike more important to you?

Now for myself, I'm probably not going to get either, because I'm cheap and reasonably happy with my old Trance, but both bikes are about what I'd be looking for if I were to upgrade. And it seems like a common dilemma -- at the same price, do you get a newer bike or an older bike with a higher spec?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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