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Hey everyone,

Decided it's time to upgrade. These are the two bikes I'm deciding between:

2018 Advanced 2 (27.5), very lightly used (less than 50 miles)

Fork: RockShox Revelation RC
Shock: RockShox Deluxe RT
Shimano SLX Groupset

2015 Advanced 1 (27.5), used (upgraded suspension)

Fork: Push Industries Fox Factory 34 FIT fork (~$1,500)
Shock: CTD shock
SRAM X01 Groupset
Tubeless compatible

I'm coming from a 2008 Trance 2, all SRAM X0, only frame is stock. Rode my brother's 2018 Trance 2, and what an amazing ride. Even though his bike is equipped with SLX, it performed great. The tech of what was top of the line back in my day has trickled down into the lower end groupsets. Makes me wonder how amazing higher end groupsets of today perform.

Does anyone know if there were significant updates to either the frame or components from '15 --> '18?

Thanks in advance!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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