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Hi guys, im new to FS bikes and had a few questions hopefully you can help me with. I recently picked up a 2018 Spark 960, does awesome on the trails i ride, super fast on the 29" wheels. After i got it, i added a renthal carbon fatbar for a little more rise, fox transfer dropper as i didnt like the stock dropper, and converted to tubeless. I may eventually convert it to 1x but the 2x setup i actually dont seem to mind on this bike. I cant find too many reviews on the judy front fork and the nude rear shock on this bike, but i know its fairly entry level stuff. I was looking at possibly upgrading the suspension to higher end stuff.

The Fox Float DPS rear shock in 165x45 appears to fit and offer the same travel as the nude shock (120mm) - is it worth upgrading to this shock compared to the nude? I'm not sure whether to upgrade the front to a higher quality rockshox 120mm fork or switch to fox as well, the fox forks get super pricy.. from what I can tell I should stick to 120mm to avoid changing the geometry, and there are a lot of conflicting opinions online about ditching the twinloc system on this bike as the higher quality shocks perform so good in open mode people are saying you don't need it. I don't find myself using full lockout much but I do switch between mid/open a lot as we have some pretty gnarly climbs here. I don't do crazy downhill and prefer fast XC/trails so the 120mm & 29" wheel setup on this bike is working for me.

I just would like some opinions on if its worth upgrading the fork and shock and what kind of lockout I should use with the fox if so.

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