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Long story short... I tried to run a new cable to the rear shock on my 2018 Spark 900 RC WC.... but I have very clearly messed something up as the cable is coming out of the bottom of the frame instead through the guide just below the shock.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I can fix it? I’m guessing the housing must have pulled away from something inside the frame, but I have no idea what or how I would even begin to troubleshoot and fix.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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So guys, Scott Sparks are fragile bikes, beware.

Lets get a couple things out of the way....

1. I was first told i should be riding a large - my initial purchase was a Scott Spark RC 900 Pro in large
2. This frame was too small, I'm almost 6'2 - 198lbs
3. I brought it back to change for an XL frame, there were none left
4. I was told i would need to dish out an additional 2500 + tax to get an XL Spark SL
5. At this point, i had spent about $11,500CAD on the bike to get the size that fits me properly, This took 2 months to achieve. Eek.

Finally, my SL arrived, and it was beautiful, and damn fast!!!

I had a miniature crash. I didn't even hit the dirt, and held on to my bike. After which, i noticed what looked like a crack on my top tube. I don't recall it ever being impacted in the crash...

Earlier in the ride, i rode down a valley, with a G-OUT at the bottom, where i heard a slap sound. Figured my fork bottomed out, but it hadn't... This is relevant later in the story.

I emailed my bike shop, they thought the frame was cracked - ouch! I had taken this bike on its very first ride! We sent the images to Scott's warranty department, where they identified the damage as simply a surface scratch, which they see a lot of, when the frame comes in contact with the cleats on your biking shoes. "Go ahead and ride the bike, its safe 100%" So i did!

2nd ride in, and on the same g-out i heard the same "SLAP" sound. Again thought it was my fork, but nope, and not the shock. IT WAS THE FRAME CRACKING!

I sent the bike back to the shop and explained exactly what had happened. They fired the email and shots back to Scott and instantly Scott warranty flip flopped and said the frame is cracked due to impact and will not fulfil a warranty claim, instead i need purchase a replacement frame at a cost of $2000.

To be honest, i think these frames are flimsy, Ive been riding and racing for 20+ years, and have NEVER cracked a frame. For this frame to fail on me, after one ride is appalling. Im no Nino Schurter. I can't afford a new frame after every ride. Lightweight for your racers is fine, but build something durable for the everyday rider, who's not sponsored and can't afford to drop thousands after an afternoon ride.

Ive crashed other bikes, WAY HARDER, and ZERO damage. I have a HardTail Cannondale FS-I, weighs less than my spark, and i can ride that thing way harder. No damage, no issues.

Scott, first and last time i buy one of your bikes. My bike shop, however, has been amazing - even covering some costs. Kudos to them, bad form on Scott's customer service, and warranty department. They also keep deleting my posts, on Instagram - they take no responsibility.

Thoughts anyone?
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