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Currenly I have a 1999 Gary Fisher Ziggurat with decent components, i.e. XT and XTR, but it has Vbrakes and has a really aggressive geometry that really is not comfortable. It also is a 26" wheel. Technology has changed quite a bit, so im in the market for a new bike.

I've capped my budget at $1800 and i've found the two hardtails below as being the best options from both a component level and fit

I wanted to gauge your thoughts

Giant Fathom 1 29'r

Marin Nail Trail 7

-Both run SLX components which I have heard are a good group
-Brakes on the Marin seem to be higher grade (MT-500 (Marin) vs M365 (Giant)
-Marin uses a Rockshox Revelation 120mm travel while the Giant uses the SR Suntour Axon LO-RC
-Both have a dropper post
-Both seem to have a good tire/wheelset for price point

Seems to be the main differences between the two are the Fork and the brakes. The Axon fork by Suntour seems to be a good fork and its a $450 pricepoint on the aftermarket and the Revelation is $580. I'm not sure if the difference in brakes is worth the extra $350?????? Or is the Rockshox Revelation that much better than the Axon LO-RC? I believe the travel for the LO-RC Axon is 100mm on the 29'r and 120mm on the 27.5 version while the Revelation is 120mm on the 29'r.

Overall thoughts????

I'm also a larger guy around 300lbs

Jon Thomas
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