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I've never had a Devinci and have no experience with the brand.

I'm looking for a bike for my daughter. I'm looking for something around the 120mm (maybe more) travel mark, solid middle of the road hardware, 27.5x2.8 compatible and some flexibility as she grows. If I get the right setup, I'm hoping it would last until she's around 16-ish.

She does all mountain and XC style riding. No park, lift access or gravity stuff.

Currently she is about 90lbs and 5 feet 0.5 inches. She has a Trek Superfly 26 (hard tail) that will last until the end of this season (I hope). I've already pushed the stem out and swapped the pedals. Realistically she wouldn't ride the bike until Spring of 2020. By that time she should be 95-100lbs and 5-1 to 5-2.

I found a small 2018 Devinci Marshall with GX Eagle, RockShox (110mm rear / 120mm front) and 27.5x2.8 tires. I've not seen the bike yet, but the numbers/angles looks pretty good for a smaller all mountain/xc bike.

The other bike I'm looking at is the Trek Fuel 8 Woman's. It has similar hardware, but 10mm more of rear travel. The Fuel has 130mm rear and 120mm front. I have experience with the Fuel line and know it will climb like a goat.

Does anyone have experience with the two bikes?
Has anyone small and light weight rode the Marshall?
How does the Marshall climb/descend compared to a Trek Fuel or GG Trail Pistol/Shred Dogg?
There's no weight listed for the bike. Any thought on how heavy these are?
How is Devinci on warranty issues?

Any other comments, concerns or emotional outbursts ...
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