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I'm running a 2017 Thunderbolt Alloy with 2018 Fox 34 130mm fork.

I just changed my old Monarch RL with a Manitou Mcleod 190x50 rear in the slackest position. Only one ride on the shock so far but right off the bat it seems more planted when I bomb in trails with lot of roots. A good improvement over the stock Monarch.

I'm rebuilding the Monarch so I have a spare shock. While I rebuild the shock, would it be a good idea to put a debonair can on the shock or the geo of the TB works better with smaller can?

Same question apply for the Mcleod as at the rate I'm riding I will probably have hit the 200 hours mark on it before winter.

I ride in north east type of trails. I climb as much as I descend. No big jumps; the bigger drops I do is max 3 feets.

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