A vast majority of us riders who've been around have used a SID fork at one time or another. It was our first foray into mountain bike suspension as most of us started with XC riding.

We've since progressed since then and companies too have poured their best technologies to higher travel forks with much tougher demands. But XC racing has gotten more aggressive and demanding. Styles and bike geometries have also evolved to the point that even hardtails are getting equipped with dropper posts.

Crown is optimized for weight and stiffness.

Crown is optimized for weight and stiffness (click to enlarge).​

The SID then is now the recipient of all the latest technologies RockShox has in its arsenal. The air spring, the chassis, the damper have all been thoroughly updated to deliver the best performance in this lightweight package. It's only 100mm of travel but that actually accounts for a lot if every millimeter is used effectively.

RockShox SID Cable Guide

The cable guide has been revamped to be a much more user-friendly design that is easy to use without tools (click to enlarge).​

Focused on XC

  • SID evolved over the years: new wheel sizes, new travel options
  • Trail (120mm) bikes used to be lightweight XC bikes, perfect for SID
  • Trail category has moved to more aggressive specs like Pike and Revelation on 120mm bikes
  • Bring SID back to its roots: Superlight Integrated Design
  • Focus on SID's main intended use: XC racing

Axle can be a maxle or lightweight bolt-on.

Axle can be a maxle or lightweight bolt-on (click to enlarge).​

100mm max travel platform

  • Shorter and lighter upper tubes and air shafts
  • Air spring optimized for 100mm-no need for pre-installed tokens and maintains tune-ability
  • Knocked out magnesium dropouts
  • Easier to hit stiffness requirements at 100mm with less material in lower than with a longer travel fork. No compromise.
  • Result: Lighter weight
  • Almost 100g lighter than previous SID

Legs are thin and hollowed out near the bottom.

Legs are thin and hollowed out near the bottom (click to enlarge).​

Torque cap compatibility

  • All SID forks are Torque Cap compatible: 15x100 and BOOST (15x110)
  • Torque Caps provide a larger interface between the hub and fork, with additional stiffness over a standard end cap
  • All SID forks are compatible with standard end caps

New solo air spring

  • More linear spring curve to suit a broader range of rider weights.
  • Tuneable with Bottomless Tokens
  • Jounce bottom-out bumper-same as RS-1-bottomless feel
  • Updated seals-lower friction material and better performance at lower temperatures (also in Reba, Revelation, RS-1, and Bluto)

New SID Charger damper models SID World Cup and RLC models feature an all new Charger damper

  • Fully bled bladder cartridge damper
  • Two-position "open" and "lock"
  • Compression adjust in the "open" position
  • "Lock" position tuned with high lockout force
  • Factory tuned high-speed compression circuit
  • Beginning stroke rebound adjust with factory tuned Rapid Recovery™

RockShox SID Price

Prices are for a premium World Cup component (click to enlarge).​

New SID it's all in the details

  • Maxle™ Ultimate is standard for AM models (Maxle™ Stealth on OEM models)
  • Tool-free brake hose guide
  • New control knobs and air cap

For more information visit www.sram.com.