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So I am pretty handy and I decided to try and service my rear suspension myself. I have done several forks and thought I would give it a go. Everything was going pretty well until I tried to pressurize the IFP. I have read lots of threads on here about the issues with this and I even tried drilling out the little adapter a small amount, but I still lose pressure. If you connect pump back up it shows as around 250 psi. I don't have a clue what was in the chamber before I hooked up the pump but I have to assume it is between the 250 showing and the 325 my pump goes up to. I just pumped it up and removed the adapter and figured I could try again when the shock was back together. that is my first issue I am trying to figure out.

My second issue is that after I put the shock together I decided to remove and replace the small allen keyed pieces on the rebound and compression knobs. I did this without knowing what I was doing.. :madman: I should have left them alone, but the lockout (threshold) doesn't feel any different than the trail setting anymore so I figured I would clean it. Now what I have done is the little pin coming up through the shaft into the bottom of the rebound adjuster is obviously spring loaded from inside the shaft. The rebound knob won't push all the way in because of that spring loaded pin that it supposed to adjust. Did I just screw myself or is there a way to get to that? It seems I would have to take the entire thing apart again and somehow get to that through the shaft, put everything back together and then add the spring loaded retention balls.

Any suggestions? I have a sinking feeling this just go expensive. I almost bought a new shock from amazon for 279 since its going to cost 180 to send this thing away and have it rebuilt, but they only have the Med/med tune and mine is a M/L. I guess I could buy the new shock and tear it down to add the tune stack from the one I have, but that is tearing down a new shock.

Feeling dumb...:madman:
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