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I have an issue with the headset on my 2017 carbon Enduro working loose after a few rides. I can see the movement of the steerer tube when I rock the bike back and forth with the front brake on. Torquing the stem bolts to 10nm (Syntace specifies 8nm) cures the issue at the top but there's still lateral movement in the lower race. There is no vertical movement. I replaced the headset about one year ago but it hasn't solved the issue. Could the lower recess in the head tube have worn so that the race can move slightly?

One thing to note is that when purchased the stem and steerer tube are level when assembled with the default two spacers below the stem. I've heard this is generally considered incorrect because the stem should rise above the steerer tube a little to allow the top cap to compress everything. I assume the fact they are level is the reason a spacer was added on top, effectively increasing the height of the stem and allowing the top cap to compress the stem and all. In this configuration there is no steerer tube in the top spacer. It's just clamped in place by the top cap once tightened. I'm wondering if this is insufficiently stiff and may be allowing the headset to move over time.

Should I try adding another spacer below the stem and removing the top one? All the spacers a 5mm carbon ones so putting the top one beneath the stem will make it protrude too high above the steerer tube. I may have to source a 2.5mm or 3mm spacer for this.
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