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2016 Tracer 275a 6061 or 7005 or what Alloy?

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I have a basket case 2016 Tracer 275a the same as the one on this webpage
From reading various threads here I'm certain it is one of the asian made models as there are only designed in USA labels on it. What I am trying to find out is what alloy is it? my guess is it will be 7005 due to asia manufacture, I've reached out to intense but thought someone here may know as well.
Thanks if you can help.
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Hmmm... I remember when 7005 was touted as the "high end" aluminium and 6061 was regular "cheaper". Manitou's, Yeti's, Alpinestars and others were all USA made and 7005...of course they all cracked to bits.
I got a speedy answer back from Intense they say 6061 for the T275a
From what i remember from the old days and when I did some metalurgy at uni. 6061 is easier to weld, but not quite as strong or as good for working with (butting etc) where 7005 is a bti stronger and better for working (hence it's legendary status as Easton Program/Varilite for the butting and also for smaller tube sets)... but is sucktastic for welding, hence why Easton eventually replaced it with 7000SC.*

*don't quote me on that, failed engineering student
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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