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Wife and I both have 2016 Scott Genius. Hers is 27.5 mine is 29'er. Both forks have developed a creak when pedaling and it's driving us both crazy. Checked everything else. Cleaned and greased where the races sit. Checked bearings and hubs. It's gotta be the steerer or stanchions.

Both forks are WELL out of warranty and mine has been back to Fox 5 times for what I thought was a horrible tune and turned out to be bushings that were on the small side of spec causing what felt like a lack of small bump compliance/high stiction. I don't want to send it back to Fox again.

Has anyone solved this issue without sending their fork back to Fox? I've read of mixed results using Loctite 290. I imagine the biggest issue here is fretting corrosion and the BEST way to deal with this is to dissemble to stanchions and steerer. I have no way to do this and am looking for a simpler fix.

Thoughts? Comments?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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