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Hi guys, Please anyone can help me

What parts do I have buy/change to install this fork FOX 32 FLOAT 27.5 100 O/C CTD Bike Fork | FOX in my bike.

It's a Scott Spark 10 2008 and it has stock parts that used to come with sparks in 2008.

FORK Fox 32 Float RL
HEADSET Ritchey WCS Carbon 1 1/8" semi integrated / 44/50 mm

Let me say that I'm not updated to the market with the 1.5" taper steer size. I checked Fox site and I couldn't find any 1 1/8" steer for 27.5". Anybody know if they will launch any 1 1/8" model soon ?

I researched many topics within mtbr, and I believe now I'm more confused than before.
As far as I understood I'd have to buy at least a bottom headset cup, but this can change the bike geometry.
Sorry about the questions I'm a noob, but there's a lot of information and I couldn't figure what I really should do.

1) A new headset wouldn't change the geometry ?
2) An X-Fusion Velvet Series is the only solution ?
3) what alternatives do I have ?
4) what do I have to buy, brands and sizes ?

Thanks by your time and attention
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