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Hello, I have a bit of a project and after tons of digging and reading tech manuals, I have been unable to find an answer without investing a large sum of money, any help would be greatly appreciated. (feel free to read this in a nerdy lisp voice)

1. Will the 2015-2018 left stanchion tube of a Boxxer coil fit the current 2019-2021 Boxxer Ultimate? That way I could build a Boxxer 2.1 damper coil fork.

2. Will the current 2019-21 Boxxer lower and upper Crowns fit on a 2015-18 Boxxer Fork? The stanchion tubes are 35mm, or is there some small diameter difference I don't know about.
I have a line on a 2016 Boxxer coil but the upper and lower crowns need replacing. The new ones look way better IMHO then the previous generation, but not a deal killer.

Charger 2.1 is not backwards compatible with 2015-2018. I "ultimately" want the most up to date Boxxer coil fork I can get; function first, aesthetics second. I currently have a 2019 Fox 40 World cup, the adjustability in the damper is great but I love the coil fork so much more.

I don't know anyone with a current model Boxxer fork to try to see if they are interchangeable or get measurements from. I know...first world problems.
All the best and stay safe.🤓
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