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2014 Revelation vs 2022 Pike Ultimate

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Hi, and thanks for reading...

For the past four years, I have been riding a 2104 Banshee Phantom (105mm rear travel) and it has the 130 mm RS Revelation (32mm stanchions) I think it has a 44mm offset). I am thinking of upgrading to a 2022 Pike Ultimate, 120mm with 42mm offset and 35mm stanchions.

I ride mostly technical hills. I do not bomb downhills, mostly interested in the climbs. I do not have much experience with modern forks as I was mostly ridding my vintage bikes. I have a chucky downhill for about 15-25 minutes, and my hands are pretty sore afterwards...I am trying to work on my braking/riding technique. On the technical uphills, it is hard for me to maintain momentum...feels like the shock stops when I hit a rock, and I am trying to work that out with the tuning... Wheel upgrades are in the not too distant future, but, I have permission from my boss to get the fork..., do you think this upgrade will bring noticeable improvements?

Thanks again,

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Thanks man...I thought it was a dumb question...
Down, yes. Up, maybe.
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