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I'm currently running a 2014 Ogre and have been mostly pleased with it. I run it with a Salsa Enabler fork (SS front hub), a VO Dajia Far Bar (dropbar), and managed to stuff 29x3.0 Fat-B-Nimble tires on it front and rear.

I really enjoy the 29+ rubber, but the clearance is VERY tight and the rear hub is very far back in the dropouts, probably farther back than anyone would recommend. I'm using the bike on gravel and less technical single track, knowing that I have a perfectly fine rig for bikepacking, touring, or pretty much anything else.

This leaves me wondering if I may be better off with an ECR? I don't believe it was available in early 2014 when I bought the Ogre. From what I can see, 99% of my components will be a direct swap and I will gain the clearance for 29+ rubber. Has anyone gone from an Ogre to an ECR and had any regrets? I know the ECR is more "trail oriented" but that doesn't seem to stop anyone from running it everywhere, with everything between 2.0 to 3.0 rubber.

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