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X-post from the GT forum but does not get a lot of traffic so I thought it would make sense to share. Originally purchased as a 2014 GT Sensor Expert but with a lot of upgrades. I had a 2012 GT Zaskar 100 9R before and before that only DH bikes for a long time last one being the IH Sunday. The Zaskar was a good bike to get me back into trail/xc again but would not let me ride the way I wanted. GT has put a lot of effort into the Sensor this year and its a dedicated 650 bike. The bike is just plain fun to ride. Corners really well. Stiff front and rear and let me pick and change direction the way I want to.


Upgrades include

Pike lowered to 140mm
E13 TRS wheelset
XT shifters, crankset and cassette
KMC X10 SL chain
Race Face Turbine Stem and XCIS carbon bar at 785mm
WTB TI seat
Formula brakes

I want to try to run tubeless and the new E13 42 cog in the back and loose the front derailleur. I would call it nice changes but not something that will make a huge difference.

Flipped the stem and lower the seat a little since the picture was taken.
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