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Stan tubeless and that's it for now. I'm thinking of upgrading to Roval carbon 29er SL wheel set,which will cost around 1900.00 all up with slicks and new cassette.

The bike is fast,but I think the wheels could be better,takes a while to get them spinning. I still think my old 2012 hardtail carve is a better climber but the control the full susser/brain is exceptional.

The weight of the bike was 11.8kg stock without pedals. I got it weighed before I purchased it. Mine is a medium size. The brain and the Reba fork works fine,took me a while to get the air pressure right on both combinations,but I'm satisfied now. The control of the new epic comp ia the biggest winning point for me. I feel very confident on this machine.

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2014 Gloss Hyper Green Large
All stock, except:
- Sun Ringle Black Flag Pro 29 wheelset, tubeless
- Gravity Dropper seatpost
- Specialized Mini-Rizer 750mm bars
- Specialized 75mm stem
- Ergon GA1 grips

Ready-to-ride weight (with pedals and sealant): 12.6 kg (27.8 lb)

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