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2013 specialized camber comp 29er axle size

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Hey im trying to figure out what size axle’s my 2013 camber comp 29er is. I can only find the hub name not what size it is. Can someone please help me out.
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here is a review from MTBR: Review: 2013 Specialized Camber

Looks like 142mmx 12mm but are you also looking for thread pitch or whatever?
Im trying to get some new wheels but i dont know what size hubs to get.
Looks like 142+ rear wheel and a QR front wheel.
Does “Ican” make a wheelset with those axle sizes?
Does “Ican” make a wheelset with those axle sizes?
Looks like for mountain bike they only offer 148 and 110 thru axle which will not work for your bike, doesn't look like they sell adapters to change the hubs either, at least on their website.

You could search out the correct adapters for the hubs from this website: D791SB
Looks like the 791 and the 902 though I couldn't find that one on this website.
Might want to check with Mason Hunt wheels. They allow you to order boost and nonboost options with the correct end caps for a wheel set. Similar prices minus the carbon but 3 year warranty and I have heard they are pretty responsive.
Whats a good budget wheel that will work then?
Like under $600.
Whats a good budget wheel that will work then?
Like under $600.
dude, I think you need to just hit up merchant and manufacturer websites until you find something you like. I'm gonna be honest, you're asking for other people to do ALL your research for you, and that's bad manners.

do your own research, make yourself a list, and then come back here for opinions.
My bad im new to mountain biking so i dont know how to tell the azle sizes and stuff.
Ill try to do some research,thanks for ur guys help.
What do you guys think of diy carbon bikes wheelset?
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