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I took some photos of my Vaya before I start riding it. 2013 57cm. I'm running 8 speed Ultegra barcons with an XT/Truvativ Stylo drivetrain, BB7 brakes, Cane Creek levers, Thomson post and stem, Salsa bar, Spinergy 29er wheels, Alligator rotors, Maxxis tires, and a WTB Silverado saddle.

I'm giving up my Podio since it's too rough so this should be a much better ride.

If anyone is interested, I have a new first generation large Fargo with a similar build.

salsavayawhite1.jpg salsavayawhite2.jpg salsavayawhite3.jpg salsavayawhite4.jpg salsavayawhite5.jpg salsavayawhite6.jpg salsavayawhite7.jpg salsavayawhite8.jpg salsavayawhite9.jpg salsavayawhite10.png salsavayawhite11.jpg salsavayawhite12.jpg salsavayawhite13.jpg salsavayawhite14.jpg salsavayawhite15.jpg salsavayawhite16.png
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