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I have a Fox Float 32 CTD for my 29er hard tail bike that just started making a strange noise on rebound. I just bought the bike a couple of months ago and it probably has 20 hours on it. It has been flawless, but I just got back from Moab, and I noticed that the fork is making a "whooshing" sound that kind of sounds like a rubbing noise when it rebounds from being compressed. It seems to be functioning fine, but has never made this noise before. I did ride some pretty rough trails in moab, including the porcupine rim trail, so the fork got a pretty good work out.

The stanchions have been completely dry.

Is this noise unusual? or is it normal for these forks to make a noise after their broken in a little bit? I figured I would try changing the oil in the lowers, so I ordered oil and will get that done, is there anything else to try? should I even be concerned about the noise?
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