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Hi, I can get an ultra-clean, low-mileage 2012 Mach 4 26” Alloy with the standard XT build for $1k locally and am asking for advice on a couple of things.

1) it is a size XS frame. I’m 5’5” so am at the upper end of the sizing. Also the geometry of this bike is similar to other brand’s S frames during that time period. I still can’t get over going to a XS frame though. Did Pivot Mach 4 sizing run large during that time? Seems like across the entire Mach 4 range it did.

2) Original MSRP was over $4k for the bike 7 years ago. Is it still worth $1k still is a 26” bike with “outdated” geometry?

3) I called Pivot and asked up about replacement frame parts. The have no more front and rear triangles. Should this be an issue?

Thanks for any advice!
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