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I'm a "she".
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On April 7, eleven riders gathered at Hunting Hollow Parking lot on a quest for Henry Coe wildflower display and mysterious Pacheco Falls that people around the world had been whispering about. Following is a mudworm's account of the sweat soaked, tear shattering epic.


ElHombre was the proclaimed ride leader, but , Skyline35 seemed to always find a way to force ideas onto him by prefixing his sentences with "it's YOUR ride…" Those were excellent ideas as Skyline35 took us on many quality trails that we would not have known existed.

I tried to stay with the three Henry Coe Musketeers, namely plymmer, ElHombre, and ratpick, whenever I could hoping to absorb some of their awesomeness, esp. in climbing, simply by proximity. I think it really worked because I was feeling fairly strong all day. Was very happy to clean the Serpentine climb at the end of the ride.

Lots of goofiness on this ride, which made this long (near 9 hours elapse time with 5 hours of riding time) ride seem to go really fast. I enjoyed every moment of it, and I think one man contributed the most. Guess who?

Oh, Skyline35, this bears repeats: pie or no pie, you *are* my favorite. Now, thanks so much for that Marie C. Pie. OMG, that's the best apple pie I'd had in my life!

Without further ado, let's look at some action shots. (There are a lot more in my photo album.)

ID the riders topping out on Jim Donnelly Trail.

Skyline35 dictated, "A riders go straight up (taking Steer Ridge Road); B riders go left (taking Spike Jones)." But I'm an A-wanna-B rider, so it confused me for a second there. But SJ is much more fun to ride, so I went left.

So pretty!

d-bug always puts on a happy face when he rides.

A cross above Hoover Air Strip.

Pacheco Falls are that way!

Come on, what are you waiting for? Pacheco Falls are down here! Um… where?

Rock in the pocket

Rock in the pocket

More, Rock in the pocket

A ride with TahoeBC is guaranteed to have a lot of laughs.

Except when he tries to steal your bike… my bike to be exact.

The three Henry Coe Musketeers at the top of Serpentine Trail, waiting for TahoeBC to emerge. It was five for five. Others should all have gone this way because it was guaranteed success.

A short video (with sound). Sorry about the fast transitions.

What's a ride without a track?

P.S. After a night of sleep, some more details started coming back to me. So, what did I miss in the first version?

Secret Squirrel staged a mechanical - ripped a side wall early on the ride. He managed to fail to mend it while the group were waiting, so that he could tell the group to move on without him. Guess what he did after that? He not only patched the torn tire, he went on his secret ride dodging the group. Mind you, Coe is a little place, but he somehow managed to stay away from us all day while having a blast of his own!

I missed taking a photo of tburger's new bike. Someone must have it, or maybe he could share it himself. What's really impressive was it is a rigid! I can really feel the bumps when I forgot to undo the lockout on my fork, so I can't imagine riding all day on a rigid bike. That should earn him a hard man badge.

Also forgot to mention d-bug and the Law's his and her Ibis Mojo's. Those are two fast bikes, so sweet together! It was great riding with the Law; I was not the only one bugging Skyline35 with girly questions. Can you picture Skyline35 utter "ugh" and roll his eyes when he was asked the second time 5 seconds apart, "what is that little pond's name?"

Tom, I think you should never fix your spoke. It's nice to be able to always hear you on the trail!

Mr. Mud managed to come home around 2am and speed read the post and the photos through his half closed eyes before collapsing in bed. His eyes only opened up wide for a brief second when he saw certain picture in my album. He's off to work again. I hope his move is wrapping up soon and he can join our fun someday soon!

Last, but not the least, TahoeBC is such a goof ball! I look forward to riding with you again!

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I missed taking a photo of tburger's new bike. Someone must have it, or maybe he could share it himself. What's really impressive was it is a rigid! I can really feel the bumps when I forgot to undo the lockout on my fork, so I can't imagine riding all day on a rigid bike. That should earn him a hard man badge.
Action shot:


Much more later, when I'm done procrastinating ;)

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Ooh you went and made a thread!

I had at least 2 other training ride options, one an incredible 140 mile CX ride with Zen Turtle that I still regret missing! But the lack of pain I missed from that ride was more than made up by a fantastic day in my favorite place on Earth, with great friends (several of whom are my bestest friends)!

I was talked into the ride with all sorts of enticements: from pie, to skinny dips in Coe lakes, to "something big" to wildflower shows, to visits to Pacheco Falls to visiting some obscure trails that would help my complete my Coe trails-done map.

I was thrilled when the formerly-long-lost mudworm announced she was also joining the ride!

This may be the first ride I've been on in Coe, especially a group ride, where the route was a work in progress. There is usually some big destination which pretty much dictates the rest of the day. It worked really well! And more often than not, we came up with a couple of ways to get to the next "waypoint" and the "spring-trained" and "spring-training" groups would split and make their way there. It's one of the great things about Coe, especially in the south - there is quite often a hard and "easy" way to get to any spot.

OK, there's no easy way :)

We decided on a gentle warmup up the much-loved Jim Donnelly Trail to start. The chill of Hunting Hollow predictably gave way to very comfortable conditions as we climbed into the sun. Coe is looking beautiful right now, with the recent rains turning the grass an aesthetically-pleasing green.

The JDT trail is so very awesome - such a fantastic addition to the park, increasing its accessibility. We all made our way to the top, mostly in two groups although I got a bit antsy towards the top.

After regrouping at the top, we split into two groups, one taking the Steer Ridge Wall and the other the Spike Jones connector, making our way to Willson Peak.

It's easy to be disappointed by the wildflower show this year, given how spectacular it has been in past years. But there is plenty of color there to appreciate:

You wouldn't believe the amount of ribbing I had to endure to take this shot:

Poppies on Serpentine are one of my favorite things and a Willson Peak specialty each year

Everyone in this group was a strong rider, even if some faster than others at this time of year. So the regroups were always long and fun!

The Willson Peak descent was a lot of fun! This group locked up 7 of the top 10 on the Strava segment on this ride (including tburger on his gorgeous rigid bike).

There were a few patches of color reminiscent of a typical Coe spring

It's always fun when the Hard COEre 100 trio, still the only finishers of that ride, have a reunion

I was dared into making a KOM attempt on the Snake Trail climb (usually only a downhill). Urgh, why do I accept these things, I thought? I went all out until the legs could take no more and grannied to the top feeling that the effort was a bust - nice to upload and have stolen that KOM from Plymmer!

One of the fun things in Coe group rides for me is experiencing new trails. Skyline35 has adopted several trails in an area that he calls "My Coe" and we rode several of these that were new to me, including the Coit Lake Trail.

When we reached the dam, we became worried after a few minutes that the rest of the group was not in sight. Eventually, all but SecretSquirrel appeared and relayed his ride-ending mechanical, having torn the sidewall of his tire irreparably. He had a hike-a-bike ahead of him back to Hunting Hollow (as mudworm noted above, he did get it fixed and came back to try and find us).

We took a fun detour to checkout a big rock outcrop visible from the opposite ridge

Then up Willow Ridge Rd to the airstrip, where we were surprised by a pretty good Goldfields display!

TahoeBC & ElHombre led the way down Rose Dam Trail on a fast and loose descent that was tons of fun. Conditions were really excellent. I took some videos of the final part of the descent: mudworm, second group, and most interesting, tburger and his rigid bike!

Thanks to the influence of TahoeBC, practical jokes were the order of the day and several of us found rocks in our Camelbacks at the top of climbs!

It took some planning, but we eventually got our revenge!

Finding the way down to Pacheco Falls was a challenge ...

but once we located the correct spot, we hiked down and hung around, enjoying being at a place that you can normally just see from afar!

There was plenty of wildlife down here too!

We got to ride yet another of Skyline35's adopted trails, the Ridge Trail. It had been allowed to return to nature through disuse but has been cleaned up to be an excellent alternative to a boring fireroad descent down Coit Rd.

On the way there, ElHombre quietly wondered aloud if that part of Pacheco Ridge Trail was a Strava segment - he reasoned that if it was, it's likely that the KOM is up for grabs. As the group started up, I saw him start to accelerate and went all out to match him. I caught his wheel but that was all I could manage! Fortunately, neither of us was sure where the Ridge Trail started so we never completed our sprint for Strava glory! It was a fun and very painful sprint though! Lesson - never ride with a Belgium who has just seen his countryman win a big sprint race in his home country :)

We had a couple of relaxing breaks at Pacheco Camp, most of which revolved around distracting someone so a practical joke could be completed! I was disappointed to see that they have taken the sink out as it makes filtering more difficult and increases water wastage during the process. I guess there must have been a good reason.

Climbing out we came across a baby rattlesnake. Consensus was that these immature rattlers were more dangerous than their elders since they cannot control their venom. Even our resident snake charmer, TahoeBC, kept his distance.

We naturally split on the climb up to Live Oak Spring Trail but those of us that went ahead were worried that the other group had taken the high trail past the spring to avoid the unpleasant mess left behind by bulldozering of the lower trail. But they weren't at the top when we got there so we fortified ourselves and prepared our ambush for their arrival.

A few minutes passed and they appeared so we let fury reign down and lobbed pinecone bombs

On the way out, another split as a group wanted the fast pace of Tule Pond Trail's downhill while another wanted to checkout the less-traveled Dear Logic Trail. I opted for Tule Pond as I wanted to get my descending ready to go for the Middle Steer Ridge descent to come - I expected that to be off-the-hook fast with a few very good descenders in the group.

At the bottom of Tule Pond, I thought we were going to see a trail collision [vid], fortunately avoided :) It was interesting that it took the same time to take both routes.

Here again, the group split; those of us with any juice left to climb Serpentine Trail took off that way while the rest took the very fun route down Grizzly Gulch Trail.

mudworm, ElHombre, Plymmer, TahoeBC and myself attacked Serpentine. I feel in behind Plymmer, always appreciating his steady pace as a way to make a daunting climb pass with as little pain as possible. Unfortunately ElHombre led off and I soon became worried that my "human KOM" (ie excluding Diesel's KOM) would be under pressure as he pulled away from us.

But my legs were hurting and I couldn't do much about it so I just focused on surviving the climb! Sure enough, ElHombre exactly matched my 2nd place, sub-Diesel, time and we now share it; feels kinda right :)

Not far behind, mudworm and TahoeBC rolled in, all 5 of us having cleaned the beast!

mudworm let her "secret" competitive nature out by passing us all to ride to the very end of the Serpentine trail to make sure she completed the segment :) ElHombre had done the same (I know exactly where this segment ends so felt under no such pressure :)

TahoeBC got the final laugh out of us as he picked up mudworm's bike and wheeled it along as she walked up to pick it up!

We paused at the top of Middle Steer Ridge while TahoeBC got his video camera setup. He had promised a HD video of the ride and I was going to collect!

He first turned the camera backwards and launched down the trail while I did my very best to stay close. Not easy - TahoeBC is a talented descender!

After a while, he stopped [vid] and switched the camera to the front and I led. So much fun. I haven't descended MSR that fast in a long, long time! I really hope the video works out!

Back at Hunting Hollow, Skyline35's promised pie was delivered and we hung out until it started to get chilly again. The pie was so good that none was wasted!

Awesome ride.. had such a great day. This is why we bike!


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That was a super fun ride!
I thought I would be over my head and was planning on bailing, but the social pace led to a perfect ride. Most of it was on trails I had never seen, which is always a nice experience.

Thanks to everyone for making this ride awesome!

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Would have loved to have participated in this ride, but only found out about it a couple days before the ride. Next time you all are planning on doing this, how’s abouts a week or so warning?

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Does this guy know that you don't have to scoot back when rolling on 29s? :D
Haha! Maybe that was a bit of dramatic flair for the camera. I was thinking about you during the hike to Pacheco Falls. If we all took our bikes down, it would have been like one of your now famous ABHB rides. :thumbsup:

Would have loved to have participated in this ride, but only found out about it a couple days before the ride. Next time you all are planning on doing this, how's abouts a week or so warning?
I found out Thursday.

Good friends and good fun!

Turn it up!
Untitled on Vimeo
Nice vid! Good times, and thanks for the DFH 90! I hope to get the chance to return the favor with a nice post-ride IPA for you.

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This ride came at a perfect time. I've been wanting to get back to Coe. I'm still recovering from my shoulder surgery, and I've only been back on the bike doing real trail rides for about 3 weeks now. The lack of conditioning and the extra beer weight I've put on has been really evident, but I've been trying to push through the pain in my legs and the saddle sore and just keep pedaling. I was worried I wasn't ready for this type of ride yet, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Having just completed 42 miles of the GG2MB ride, I was pretty sure I could handle about 20-25 miles of Coe. :) Okay, so it turned out being 32 miles, but who's counting?


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TahoeBC, you goofball. You are fully capable of cranking out a highly entertaining video production, but you can't embed it? :rolleyes: I'll do it (below) and collect all the credit.
Actually did not embed on purpose, cause I use the free version of vimeo, it does not allow to embed the HD version, if you go to the link you can watch it in HD. Watch for the extended Director's cut later this year ;)

BTW Roy I think you need to work on your hand writing skills, unless that's some type of Pagan writing to go with the Easter weekend theme :p


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Best Ride Ever!

Well the feature for me was ElHombre's promise to visit Pacheco Falls from the
"other side". If you're not familiar with Pacheco Falls in Coe, check out knob's video:

Pacheco Falls, Henry Coe State Park - YouTube

We would go to the top pool shown at 00:17.

ElHombre, "Here we are!":

Hmmmmm, looks far away.

So we hike&#8230;

&#8230;and descend&#8230;

&#8230;but we get there:

That was awesome!!!

I missed taking a photo of tburger's new bike. Someone must have it, or maybe he could
share it himself. What's really impressive was it is a rigid! I can really feel the bumps
when I forgot to undo the lockout on my fork, so I can't imagine riding all day on a rigid
bike. That should earn him a hard man badge.
At Steer Ridge Road, with few exceptions, most flock to check-out tburger's new bike but mudworn stares at the new sign in disbelief:

&#8230;"Did they really write 'Insure' instead of 'Ensure'???"

More tburger pics:

And a few random pictures of the group JRAing (mostly fireroad pictures 'cause that's when it is easiest to take photos):

Those who know Coe will see that kitchen sink is missing at Pacheco Camp:

&#8230;maybe TahoeBC put *that* in someone's Camelbak???

And finally back at Hunting Hollow, food & drink & more laughs:

Thank you Señor Hombre for instigating a great ride!



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Hella jelly.

Best I could manage over the weekend was a quick trip to and through JMP on my CX bike.

I'm a "she".
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Skyline35 said:
ElHombre, "Here we are!":
The hottest maître d' ! :D

Skyline35 said:
And finally back at Hunting Hollow, food & drink & more laughs:
Not sure what about me scared Roy, but did you notice that his eyes were wide open? I mean, as open as painted on! For the record, I smell like roses after every ride. Not sure what Roy's problem was. :rolleyes:

TahoeBC said:
Actually did not embed on purpose, ...if you go to the link you can watch it in HD. ...

BTW Roy I think you need to work on your hand writing skills,...
HD, like my eyes can tell... Or should they? :skep: And I thought those were foot writing skills Roy was lacking?

tburger said:
...I was pretty sure I could handle about 20-25 miles of Coe. Okay, so it turned out being 32 miles,...
It would have been 20-25 miles if Skyline35 had not kept saying, "let me put it this way -- you drove all the way here from La Honda/San Jose/(anywhere) ..."
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