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2011 SID RLT 120 travel aadjust to 80?

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I know that the 2011 SID RLT 100 will internally adjust down to 80mm but will the 120 go that far down too? I have found a good deal on a 120 SID but I need a 80mm shock for my IF.

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Yes, they come with (x2) 20mm spacers.
mtnbikej said:
Yes, they come with (x2) 20mm spacers.
Thanks man! I wonder why they do not say anywhere that the 120 is a 120/100/80. Even the RS site says there is a 100/80 model and a 120 model...

One more question, if the 120 does go down to 80 is the A2C the same as a 100 set at 80?

I have purchased a 2003 Indy Fab steel deluxe that was designed around a 80mm shock and I want to keep the geometry correct.

Thanks again!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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