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I've finally entered the world of suspension after riding fully rigid for 20 years.

2 questions if I may.

I've bought a pair of 2011 29er REBA RLs with a PopLoc and would like to know

1. Do I need the fork locked out before I adjust the floodgate? the RS website talks of 'one turn' as a starting point but doesn't mention if you do this with the fork active or locked out.

I've also read about pushing down and a 90 degree turn causing the adjuster to lift out but that doesn't seem to be the case, I'm thinking different editions of the fork??

2. The RS website talks of turning 4 notches on the rebound adjuster to begin with but I can feel any obvious notches when I turn it; will it unthread if I take it too far or is there a stop at either end of the adjustment?

Thanks for any tips

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