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Hi all,

A friend was recently cleaning out his garage and was looking to get rid of an old Yeti DJ. As it's a complete, semi-functioning bike with a bit of love it should be able to hit the trails again. The brakes on the bike are a set of 2011 Magura MT6s. They work, but one has a significant amount of lever throw and the other has a bit of click/dead spot at the beginning of the stroke.

I haven't bled brakes before, but though this would be a good way to learn. I've picked up a Magura mini bead kit, is their anything else (outside of new pads) that I should pick up to get these brakes back to working like new? Obviously being from 2011 they've seen their share of miles.

While doing some research on these brakes online I also found that they were recalled back in 2013 due to an issue with the master cylinder. I called Magura up regrading the recall to see if there was any way to check if it had been done - unfortunately the person I spoke to said there was no point in checking as the recall program would have ended long ago. I understand that the program might have ended, but still would like to check if these MT6s are affected. Does anyone know what I should be looking for (besides the serial number, which does fall within the range of affected brakes)?

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