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2011 Magura, hype, only light?

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So I recently posted two threads on Brake Time asking advice on upgrading to 2010 Marta SL's off eBay. In both threads, different posters said wait until 2011. I'm a cheapskate and have always bought last years close outs, so .... the 2010's are now on my bike and working well ..... but my curiosity was piqued, so I googled Magura 2011. I found a picture of a freaking beautiful carbon fiber lever/reservoir unit, but not much else. Just thought I would stir the pot a little as I am curious. How much mula and how much better for 2011? Anybody know?
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Stick with your 2010s. They are tried and true. The new M8 looks nice but it's a little scary to buy into a new product that hasn't been around for a while. I love my 2010 SLs. There's nothing better out there for me.
I agree with ambassador the 2010 is great. The 11 are great looking and light but is more money now. You'd be paying premium to get your hands on one later in the year I'm sure the price would come down.

I don't doubt that the new one would be another great performer, the calipers looks like they would do a good job of removing heat.
The 2010's are excellent, as long as you run the Storm SL rotors. Day and night difference to the Wave SL rotors. In my opinion, with the Storm SL rotors, best brake ever.
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