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Hi all,
I am looking at buying a new bike. Primarily for what you guys would call XC but dabbling into the AM/Trail range. I am really interested in the 2011 Cadabera. Have you had any experience with the 2011s? It seems that there has been some changes to the bike, are they improvements over 2011?

Most of the info online is for the 2010 models. Has much really changed or are they still applicable to the the newer models?

My thinking is that I like to go up as much (not quite) as I like to go down. This bike seems to fit the bill as the front Talas TA allows me to change geo for climbing while still having a relatively slack bike for the decent not to mention the additional travel.

Any thoughts...other recommendations that may suit me better? This just seems to be the best of both worlds.
Thanks in advance


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