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2011 Fox Float Sag Problems

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Ever since I got my 180 Float RC2, I never seemed to get the correct sag out of it. Actually, I couldn't even get 15mm of sag running Fox's recommended pressure. I weigh 150-155lbs with gear with only 30psi of pressure and I'm getting only 22mm of sag. I just had the oil in the air chamber checked thinking it might be the problem. Although they did find way too much oil in there, I still couldn't get more sag. Any suggestions? Sorry if this was already posted here but I did a search and couldn't find an answer.
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Yeah, if I set sag to the % they recommend I bottom out all over the place, even with the compression dials jacked all the way slow. I think starting with recommended psi and going from there is the only way to go with the 180.
I'm assuming that with that fork your bike has a pretty slack geo? It may be that if your trying to set sag while seated on a downhill oriented bike their just isn't any weight on the front end. Look at the sag while standing in attack position with all your weight on the pedals, or like gticlay said start with recommended pressure and check that you're using all your travel on the biggest hits of your ride and adjust accordingly.
I haven't tried it that way, always measure the sag while seated. You've got a good point. I have a 65deg HA on my bike and its my first bike with this slack of a HA. So that just might be it. I have I've been riding the fork with 45psi of pressure and it feels pretty good, specially now after the oil in the air chamber was reduced to 5ml. Actually, it felt real great yesterday on the DH course. Thanks for all the tips. I guess it's not the fork but the method of setting it up. :thumbsup:
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