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2011 Flash Stem Length

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anybody know the length of the stem on the 2011 flash 2 size large? also whats the difference in the opi and pbs lefty forks? this is my 1st c'dale lefty so consider me a newb. i dont know a whole lot about em.
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If you are buying from a bike shop that's a Cannondale dealer, they will swap out stems to get you the right fit. They should have a pile of them and switch them out for free. I think for a large it should be about 100-110mm or so for the stem.
they are a c'dale dealer and have been for along time so tomorow i'll call them, they better do this for free or im going somewere else, most of the bike shops in my area really suck ass they just whant yer money and shu ya out the door. i havent been to this bike shop in over15 years and i pray its not like some of the other shops around here. all the other shops in central iowa just deal trek/fisher or specialized
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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