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2011 Enduro Comp

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Anyone know what shock or fork will be specced on the 2011 Enduro Comp?

Having trouble deciding whether to get a 2010 and get it tuned or wait for what (according to the interwebs) will be a better tuned shock on the '11.

Anyone got any input?
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Not sure about enduro comp but here is a pic of the s-works

Nouveau Enduro 2011
Nouveau ressort à air sur la fourche E160. Nouvel amorto Fox sur base de RP23 mais avec un réglage de plateforme unique et 3 réglages d'hydraulique basse vitesse pour la descente. Nouvelle tige de selle télescopique "Command" mécanique en débattement 125 ou 100mm et en diamètres 30.9 ou 31.6 et à nouvelle commande à câble classique super intégrée sur le cintre (façon match maker et fixée sur la poignée lock-on ou via un collier séraré)
Ive seen a coil version of the enduro, with a 36 up front. Not sure if it was a comp or not. If you are considering getting a 2010, I would act soon, they are selling out quick. I don't think there are any left at the factory.

I own a 2010 Comp and recently went to Kingdom Trails in VT where I did the shuttle service and xc trails, the only aspect of the bike I would like to upgrade is the rear shock, I think the rp23 would complete the bike. I am also looking into adding the mission control damper to the fork.

Hope this helps
Here is a pic:
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