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2010 Zaskar 9r Pro - Changes?

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Any GT reps around?

Does anyone know if any changes have been made to the 2010 frames?

Long story short, my '09 Zaskar 9r Pro has had some frame issues. There is minimal clearance between the big 2.35 Nevegal 29er tires and the frame. And if the front derailer isn't pretty far out, it will rub on the tire as well. In my case the rear dropout was found to be "too wide" by perhaps 1/8 inch. Tightening the rear wheel quick release meant the dropouts got squeezed together which bent the frame; which then caused the wheel to skew out of alignment. So because of the already low clearances between the tire and frame, this additional skew causes the wheel to rub the frame.

This took forever to diagnose (spokes were tightened, wheel rebuilt, etc). Now Performance has put in for a frame warranty which GT has agreed to honor. The wrong frame showed up today (whee) and I'm now told I'll be getting a "2010 frame instead." No other details were provided.

I'm hoping we have a bike shop contact or even GT contact here who can share any improvements to the frame implemented in this 2010 release.

These issues, combined with warranty issues with both of the Shimano XT hubs (one replace, one rebuild) have me contemplating taking Performance up on their 100% satisfaction guarantee...
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This is the response I got from Customer Service:

"The only difference between the 2009 and 2010 frame is the wheelbase is longer. This is a good change as it will give you more tire clearance and be more stable in the rear end. Sorry for the inconvenience, it's rare for a bike to have all those issues."

Extending the wheelbase should help clearance between the front of the rear tire and the frame, but it doesn't sound like any more clearance to the sides.

I do plan to move to a 2.1 from the 2.35 which should help some, I guess.
That really sucks I have not had issues with mine. I agree clearance is rough I am currently running 2.2s. Also I will ahve to go look gain but I thought at one point i checked the geo and they were the same from 09 to 10, maybe that is only on the small?
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