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Hey guys,
Long time reader, short time poster! Thought it was getting a little slow around here so thought i'd introduce myself etc. Name is Tom, I ride an 2010 Fuel, 09 Soho S, Balfa 2Step, Fisher Simple City, Reynolds 531 restored roadie and a 1999 Scott that I ride to the pub. I previously owned an 08 Fuel 8 (which now belongs to my old man). Im a bit of a fuel fanboy, and between myself and my small riding group, 4 of us have fuels! Anyway, im a freelance designer and uni student from Sydney, Australia. Here is my new bike!

Frame - 2010 Trek Fuel 120mm. Tapered head tube.
Rear shock - 2010 Fox RP2 DCRV
Front shock/fork - 2010 Fox F-Series 120mm
Handlebars - SIC Race 710mm
Saddle - Bontrager RL
Stem - Thomson X4 70mm
Seatpost - Thomson Elite 31.6
Front brake - Avid Elixir
Rear brake - Avid Elixir
Cranks - Shimano XT
Chain - Shimano Yumeya
Pedals - Shimano XT
Front derailleur - Shimani XT
Rear derailleur - Shimano XT
Front shifter - Shimano XT
Rear shifter - Shimano XT
Cassette - Shimano XT
Skewers: Hope Gold
Front hub - Hope Pro 2 Gold
Rear hub - Hope Pro 2 Gold
Front rim - Mavic 719
Rear rim - Mavic 719
Spokes - DT Swiss Champion
Tyres - Continental Mountain King 2.2 Protection
Tubes - Continental
Total weight - 12.8 w/pedals, cage, computer etc.etc.

Thanks Guys,

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Gold topcap is made by a US company called Kronos. Easy to get of ebay.
Crankbolts are from, but i have near similar ones on my other bike from Token Components. I was stoked, these ones have no markings/branding on them what so ever.
Gold lockons are from an aussie company called Jetblack.
Ive got gold cable crimps kicking around somewhere as well. Ebay purchase they were.

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As requested, quick report on my 2010 Fuel EX 9.8. I also owned a 2009 EX 9. The 2010 is noticeably more laterally/torsionally rigid--the 2009 was no slouch (part of why I bought it), but the E2, QR15 fork, and huge downtube courtesy of the wider BB (BB95? Lots of acronyms here) make the 2010 track lines with authority through rough corners. I ride an XL frame, which can have more flex in certain bikes, but not so with the new rig. I notice that the DRCV shock seems to have a snappy, taut feel when pedaling but then sucks up the big hits (as promised) when descending aggressively. I already thought the 2009 Fuels were category leaders, but the 2010 is even more refined.

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DeZender said:
and huge downtube courtesy of the wider BB (BB95? Lots of acronyms here)
Yeah I finally found the BB standard it is BB92. The bottom bracket shell width is 89.5mm so it actually uses a 2.5mm spacer to push it to 92mm

Edit: I guess that would make it a BB89.5

Edit2: Sorry noticed you have a carbon frame you most likely have the BB95 then. The above info applies to aluminum Fuel's with press in BB's.
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