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2010 Trance X1 seat tube clamp size??

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Hi all, after 6 months of squeaks and groans from the quick release seat clamp it is time for it to go. I want to get a thomson clamp to match the new post. I saw somewhere on the forums that the clamp size was 34.9. I've measured mine and I don't think it is round!!! It ranges from 34.8 around to 35.4 depending on where the calipers are placed. They micht be dodgy.
Is there anyone who has actually replaced the clamp and what size did you get??
Thanks in advance
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Not saying your clamp is not bad, but, have you tried lubing the QR pivot?
Thanks for the info. I did have the seat pillar lubed up really well with but will now try disassembling the clamp and lube up all the bits and then put it back in and see how I go.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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